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Wash & take off the dual-purpo
  Industrial Washing Machine
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  Ironing machine
  Water-washing machine
Emulsion pickling machine series
  Sand washing machine
  Radiator series
The cowherd gushes out the series of the sand mach
   Snow flake do the series of the mill
   Series of washing machine of carpet
The leather rubs the series of the line machine
  Japanese washing machine
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   Taizhou tongjiang washing machinery co.,ltd .Taizhou passes the ocean wash machine manufacture the Limited company.
   The main products are as follows: Washing machine of industry of various kinds of specifications , Clothing stone mill person who water-wash, socks person who dye, psilk sand erson who wash, hydroextractor, drying-machine, plate plane, vapour hot set,generating set,etc.products. These products new-type energy-conservation, Extensively apply to such as many kinds of trades:textile, Water-wash factory,float and dye factory,sand wash factory, print and dye, silk, clothing, chemical emulsion industry, hotels and retaurants, hospital, hostel and so on.
   The chlorine washing machine, steeping the washing machine which our factory developed newly, fill the domestic gaps, substitute U.S.A. to import, Solve for domestic emulsion products manufacturing company import equipment costliness, fittings choose the rare problem... ...£¼£¼More


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